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Rebman Farms offers landowners the latest technologies to enhance profit potential for your acreage. Please click on the following technologies to learn more about each one.

Global Positioning Systems Equipment

Global positioning systems, commonly referred to as GPS systems, enable us to extract more information from our farming systems. The Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite network was originally created for military use so that airplanes, ships, and troops could determine their position using signals transmitted from a network of twenty-four satellites that circle the earth every 12 hours. Utilizing GPS enables Rebman Farms to insure inputs are only applied to crop land with a minimum of overlap and waste. Yields are also tracked with GPS enabling fertility rates and chemical applications to be adjusted accordingly. Grid sampled soil testing is done to enable fertilizer companies to use VRT (Variable Rate Technologies) so as to apply fertilizers only where necessary and when used in conjunction with accurate yield maps, to only apply inputs according to removal levels.

 Yield Monitors

Photo of a yield monitor display.

Utilizing global positioning systems in conjunction with yield monitoring equipment on the combine, we are able to determine yields and crop moisture in exact field locations as we harvest the grain, while simultaneously storing the data on computer memory cards for analysis with other software applications.

Weather, monitored by real-time radar is downloaded directly to the tractor cab. Rebman Farms has invested in the latest in harvesting equipment to assist in crop removal in a timely fashion.

Computer Generated Yield Maps

Photo of example yield map.

Site-specific technology reveals in-field yield variability and analysis in greater detail than ever imagined. Precision agriculture offers an opportunity to better manage your farm with a long-term strategy for getting the most from your fields.

State of the Art Record Keeping and Farm Reports

At Rebman Farms, we offer detailed record keeping and the ability to structure any of our farm reports to meet your individualized needs. Because we produce many value enhanced grains, our field and crop records exceed the requirements of even the most demanding end-users. Crop inputs and field activities are collated on a single, easy to read Excel spreadsheet file. In addition, our detailed financial reports enable clear and accurate analysis that enable landowners to make sound business decisions based on precise data.

Modern farming demands a modern office and record keeping system. Inputs monitored on a field by field basis, as well as yield, moisture and efficiency assist the landowner in making timely decisions for their property.

Markets are monitored on a tic by tic basis.

Low Compaction, Primary Tillage Tractors

Soil compaction continues to be of primary concern to Rebman Farms. We have a Cat® Challenger® 85D for primary spring tillage and fall deep tillage. Addressing compaction problems may take several years of concerted efforts. Compaction is reduced by using low ground pressure tracked tractors for primary spring tillage, and limiting the number of trips over the field. The high horsepower *Cat® Challenger® 85D and deep tillage equipment can be implemented to help alleviate deep compaction problems as conditions warrant during fall tillage.

*Cat® and Challenger® are registered trademarks of Caterpillar®.

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